Downflow Ultra-Conic Cartridge Filter®

Downflow Ultra-Conic Cartridge Filter®

The Airotech Environmental Ultra-Conic Cartridge Filter® is a rugged, heavy duty, high quality filtration device. Horizontally mounted conical filter elements allow for premium performance when it comes to removal of collected particulate. The angularity of the filter elements reduces filtration velocities up to 30% while minimizing dust re-entrainment on the filter elements as well. Modular welded steel construction stiffened to ± 20” W.G. operating pressure is standard. The use of high quality 1½” controlled air consumption pulse cleaning valves coupled to 1½” manifold pipes assures maximum efficient cleaning of the filter elements. A solid state digital timer completes the package and affords efficient and reliable performance.

All routine maintenance is performed from the outside of the unit. Filter installation and removal is accomplished without tools by the self positioning T-Bar© locking mechanism. This mechanism is unique in that it assures exact cartridge placement in the unit while providing a positive trouble free seal. One row of filter elements, up to( 4 elements maximum ) can be removed from the collector without tools in less than a minute

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General Arrangement

Downflow Ultra-Conic Cartridge Filter ® Units

1000 ACFM to 12,000ACFM

Standard Features:

  • T-Bar © Locking Mechanism (no clamps or tools required)
  • Digital Timer
  • 1½” Controlled air consumption pulse valves
  • 11 gauge A569 housin
  • 3/16” A36 plate tube-sheet

Optional Equipment:

  • HEPA filter module – efficiencies to 99.999%
  • Slide Gates
  • Rotary Valves
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Drum Cover Kits
  • Explosion Vents
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Multiclone Figure 1
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