Cyclonic Collectors

Centrifugal Collectors

Airotech Environmental offers numerous designs of mechanical centrifugal collectors. The Multiclone collectors utilize a multiplicity of dust precipitating tubes. These tubes are available in diameters of 6” or 10” and are cast of wear resistant white iron or ceramic composites. The UniClone is a singular cyclone offered in various sizes from 1/2” to 12” in diameter. Large Cyclones range in sizes from 24” to 120” in diameter.

Cyclones offer economic solutions to emission problems primarily as pre-cleaners to reduce inlet loading to secondary collection devices. Utilized as a spark arrestor prior to a fabric filter will save costly filter media from failure. These collectors have the ability to operate at high gas temperatures with high inlet loadings as well. They are also very useful for product recovery in various industries.

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Multiclone dust collectors are available in both a 6” and 10” nominal diameter tube. The tubes are manufactured from white cast iron with a minimum Brinell hardness of 400. The 6” tube is available in two design configurations that offer different collection efficiencies. The 10” tube is available in four configurations yielding various efficiencies for specific applications. Technical bulletins for each design are available for more detailed information.
Multiclone Figure 1
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Multiclone Figure 1
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Hopper Aspiration

Hopper aspiration can be added to new or existing multiclones to significantly lower dry particulate emissions. Hopper aspiration is a proven cost effective method of upgrading multiclone dust collector performance.

Hopper aspiration consists of slip streaming 10% to 15% of the flue gas stream from the multiclone hoppers. This slipstream is cleaned in a fabric filter and returned to the outlet breaching of the multiclone.

A typical reduction of 30% to 50% in particulate emissions can be expected along with improved stack opacity.


  • Improved performance
  • Lower capital cost -vs. new equipment
  • Compact design
  • No increase in draft loss

Cyclones & UniClones

Large Diameter Cyclones

There are specific applications which require the use of large diameter cyclones.

These are:

  • Sticky Dusts
  • Gases at or near the dew point
  • Extremely abrasive dust
  • High temperature 600°F +
  • Sanitary applications

Large diameter cyclones are available in over twenty sizes, from two to ten feet in diameter. They can be used individually or manifolded together into groups of two or four cyclones. Cyclones are available in a variety of fabricated metal materials and can be lined for high abrasion or high temperature applications. Outlet scrolls for reduced draft loss on side outlet configurations are optional. Cyclone hoppers improve the performance by minimizing dust reintrainment in the cyclone

Large Diameter Cyclone Graph
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Uniclone Graph
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UniClones are single tube collectors that are shrouded to be used individually. The design numbers represent the nominal precipitating tube diameter in inches. Sizes 1/2 to 3 are constructed with double involute turning vanes and offer the highest particulate collection efficiency of all cyclones -100% @ 8 micron for the Size 2.

The size 2 & 3 sanitary design can be taken apart for cleaning. Typically they are manufactured in various grades of stainless steel to suit specific application requirements.

Gas volumes range from 0.8 SCFM @ 4” W.G. for the size 1/2 to 67.2 SCFM for the size 3.

Sizes 6 and 10 have eight turning vanes that lead into the precipitating tube and have varying efficiencies.

These UniClones are primarily for laboratory research, field testing, gas piping, and small industrial ventilation projects

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