Opti-Jet™ Fabric Filter

The Airotech Environmental Opti-Jet™ Model Baghouse

The Airotech Environmental Opti-Jet™ Model Baghouse is a premium quality, rugged filtration device. The Opti-Jet™ is available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and designs for an efficient cost effective installation. As a standard, the Opti-Jet™features modular construction of welded 10gauge A569 steel, stiffened for ± 20”w.g. operating pressure. Custom designed systems are offered featuring heavier materials.

Each Opti-Jet™ module is shipped shop assembled to the maximum extent possible to allow for easy field erection.The cleaning system utilizes high quality 1½” controlled air consumption diaphragm “pulse” valves that yield efficient, high performance. Coupling these valves to 1½” Variable-Orifice Manifold pipes and a digital timer with optional pressure control modules assures maximum cleaning efficiency of the filtration media. This means longer filter life and less down time for maintenance.

The Opti-Jet8™fabric filter is available in Bag/Cage configurations as well as Pleated Filter Element designs. Filtration medias are available to handle applications with gas temperatures up to 500°F.

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The Airotech Environmental Opti-Jet™ Model Baghouse


Housing and Supports

All models are designed for ± 20” W.G. operating pressure, and are constructed of 10gauge HRS with structural stiffeners and support legs. Alternate materials of construction are available.

Filter Installation / Removal

All units are designed for top “clean side” installation / removal of the filter assembly. Bags are designed with a double beaded stainless steel snap band for a quick, simple and positive bag attachment. Pleated elements utilize a molded urethane boot for a positive seal. Filter installation / removal does not require the use of tools and can be accomplished quickly by one individual.

High Efficiency Integrated Venturi

The Venturi is designed for maximum cleaning efficiency at the lowest air consumption when coupled to the high efficiency “pulse” valve.

High Efficiency Diaphragm Valves

The 1½” controlled air consumption “pulse” valves are specifically matched to the Venturi yielding maximum cleaning efficiency at the lowest possible air consumption rate.

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Welded Modular 10 Gauge A569 Steel Construction


The Housing Is Stiffened ± 20” S.P. W.G


3/16” A36 Steel Plate Tube-Sheet


Nominal 6” Dia. Filter Bags


No Tools Required For Filter Change Out


Digital Timer For Filter Cleaning


1½” Controlled Air Consumption Pulse Valves


1½” Schedule 40 Manifold Pipes

Opti-Jet Dimensions Overview Chart
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Custom Designs Are Available!

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